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We at Illuminate, aim to exceed expectations everytime through our compelling services of photography, branding and web designing.


The 'first' day

Illuminate studio started as a casual discussion between a group of friends. Since then, it has continued to grow and expand to suit the needs of our customers. Whether you were in the opening stages of planning a concert or in the final stages of editing your marriage album, we offered our photography services.

27 June 2014

The 'best' day

A month after we officially opened our doors, our first project turned up. It was a high profile band that needed a photo coverage of their concert. Keeping in mind that it was our first venture, delivering an effective and persuasive output was a time consuming task. With extreme hardwork, we managed to cover judicious angles. Our joy knew no bounds when they satisfied the client's expectations.

15 July 2014

The 'yes' day or the studio day

The day Illuminate Photography was promoted to Illuminate Studio. Website design is always a part of Team Illuminate with one of our prominent members being a professional coder. We tried our hand at it. Though our client had never ending expectations, we came through pleasing both the client and ourselves.

Jan 24 2015

The 'following' days

With more demand comes more responsibility. Though we grew from photographers and coders to designers, there was a shortage of manpower. We expanded. Our team got bigger. The more, the merrier.

27 June 2016

The 'upcoming' days

After years of rough drafts and feedbacks, our website is still a work in progress. This website is an attempt to convince potential clients that we have the skill and experience to deliver the job. We are now more approachable and open to the world.

1 Jan 2018

Now us :

Taking pictures is only a small part of a professional photographer's business. There are a multitude of other things that need to be addressed to satisfy your requirements. We at Illuminate studio are a team of highly skilled in house photographers and designers. We have the tools and features to help you understand your best days, avoid inconsistencies, and visualise your memories in creative ways.

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